Allergy friendly home bakery

We strive to create safe, allergy friendly treats so everyone can enjoy life’s special moments. Everything we make is exclusively gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, and we work with lots of other allergies too!

Make Your Own Custom Order

Step 1: Place your order online for two or more weeks in advance. For last minute orders, less than 2 weeks notice, please call/text 419-581-9006 or email, or contact us on Facebook to check for availability. It’s never too early to order, especially around holidays!

Step 2: You will receive an email or text to confirm the order and set up a pick up time and date. Payment of 50% must be paid within 24 hours to secure your order. We accept cash, credit card, and check (to Little Monkey Kitchen). The final payment is due at pick up – cash or check only.

Step 3: Orders may be picked up at our home in Rimer/Fort Jennings or in Columbus Grove for no additional fee. We meet for orders of $30 and more in Ottawa, Kalida, Pandora, Delphos, Bluffton, and Elida. We also meet on set dates in Findlay for orders $30 or more.



cakes: vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, pumpkin, confetti, spice, orange, cherry chip, strawberry, carrot cake.

frosting: vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, German chocolate (coconut), white chocolate, maple, lemon, strawberry, blueberry.

*Starting prices for simply decorated cakes (base prices)

Single Layer 6” Cake $25

Double Layer 6” Cake $36

Single layer 8″ Cakes $36

Double layer 8″ Cakes $70

Single Layer 10″ Cakes $70

Double Layer 10″ Cakes $130

9X13″ Cake$65

Single Layer 12″ Cake $105

Double Layer 12″ Cake $200

Single Layer 14″ Cake $140

Double Layer 14″ Cake $280

Half Sheet Cake $130

Full Sheet Cake $260



Dozen Cupcakes $36

2 Dozen Mini Cupcakes $27

18 ct Cupcake Cake $60

24 ct Cupcake Cake $75

36 ct Cupcake Cake $110

cookie cake

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cakes

9″ Plain $20

9″ Decorated $25

12″ Plain $25

12″ Decorated $30



Dozen Cookies $20

peanut butter, peanut butter chocolate chip, oatmeal, oatmeal chocolate chip, confetti (sprinkles mixed in)

Dozen Cookies $27

sprinkle (rolled in sprinkles), chocolate dipped peanut butter cookie

Dozen Cookies $30

white chcolate macadamia nut

Dozen Cookies $24

pumpkin maple (iced), soft baked sugar (iced), carrot cake (iced), strawberry shortcake (iced), cherry chip (glazed)

cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon Rolls

Dozen – Regular $33

2 Dozen Mini – Regular $33

Dozen Pumpkin Maple $36

2 Dozen Mini – Pumpkin Maple $36

cut out cookie

Cut Out Cookies

sugar, confetti, chocolate chip, gingerbread

Plain Dozen Cut Out $20

Simply Decorated Dozen $35

Custom Decorated $36



pumpkin, apple, apple-blueberry, peach, cookie (chocolate chip), blueberry

Dutch Topping Pie $20

Lattice Topping Pie $24

Double Crust Pie $22

Pecan Pie $27



flavor: cake, chocolate, red velvet, confetti, pumpkin, lemon, strawberry, blueberry

topping: plain, powdered, glazed-frosting & sprinkles + $2

Dozen Donuts $20

2 Dozen Mini Donuts $20



9X9 Pan Brownies $17

9X13 Pan Brownies $22


Cookie Decorating Kits

Cookie Decorating Kit $30

Mini House Cookie Decorating Kit $20


Edible Image Cookies

Dozen Edible Image Cookies $42


Graham Crackers

Dozen Graham Crackers $15


Toaster Pies

8pcs Toaster Pies $12



Buckeyes $12

Peppermint Patties – lb $16

Haystacks – lb $16



blueberry, banana, banana nut, cinnamon, chocolate, chocolate chip, zucchini

Dozen Muffins $24

pecan date bars

Pecan Date Bars

9X9 Pan $24